Heartpath Acupuncture Reviews

After my daughter visited Dan and found that acupuncture made a huge difference in her symptoms, I decided to undergo treatment as well, for health reasons and to better handle stress in my life. I had tried everything for a recurring shoulder problem, and when I went to Dan, he was able to finally take care of the pain. I have been seeing Dan for acupuncture for about twelve years now, and I trust him implicitly with my health. Dan is a kind, gentle soul who treats my whole person—not just my physical symptoms. When I experience fluid-blocked ears and sinus congestion every so often, Dan takes care of the problem in a heartbeat. Dan has also empowered me with the knowledge that my body knows what it needs and just needs some help along the way. I believe that Dan is that help—he is the instrument that helps bring harmony, well-being, and a sense of balance to my body. I am a nurse and have worked as one for more than thirty years, and Dan is always my first choice for any treatment I may need. He will always let me know if my symptoms fall out of the scope of his care, and I trust him to treat me to the best of his ability, empower me in my own healthcare, and always tell me exactly what I need to hear.
-Nancy Arnold, RN

I was pretty skeptical of acupuncture at first, but with three bulging discs in my back and no pain relief in sight, I decided to give it a shot. Lo and behold, the first time I went home after treatment was the first time I wasn’t in pain for a decade! While the relief only lasted a short time, my follow-up visits with Dan, in conjunction with extended medical treatment, took care of most of my symptoms. I visit Dan with any flare-ups I may experience, and Dan is able to mitigate any pain I may be experiencing. Dan treats people well, and I appreciate not only his bedside manner, but the fact that he treats me as a person, and not just my symptoms—which is one of the many reasons why I still see him fourteen years later. I was also amazed that acupuncture treatments by Dan induced my wife’s labor before she gave birth to both our daughter and son. Dan is a professional with a great sense of humor, the right credentials, lots of experience, and I trust him. He treats me and has treated both my wife and my parents. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for pain alleviation and balance in their life.
-Bob Ash

I needed treatment for migraines and decided to try acupuncture with Dan at Heartpath—I never looked back! He not only provides me with immediate migraine relief, but I also see him for any other aches and pains I might experience, and he takes care of those as well. I love that I can visit Heartpath and know that my symptoms will be resolved and that, after my treatment, I’ll feel more peaceful, relaxed, and positive. Dan is a truly great guy and an experienced acupuncturist who is full of common sense and offers a perspective on medicine and total-body care that I don’t get from my regular doctor. I get the attention I want and deserve from Dan and appreciate that he has gotten to know me as a person, not just as a patient. He is someone I recommend to friends, family, coworkers—everyone!
-Carmel Capati

Someone once told me that you should never hire a good woodworker, but instead a good person who is skilled in woodworking—and the same goes for acupuncture. Visit an acupuncturist who is a good person and highly skilled in his or her craft: Dan at Heartpath fits the bill exactly. I had tried every alternative after I suffered a hand injury, and when a friend suggested that I visit Heartpath seven years ago, I jumped at the chance and haven’t looked back. Dan was easy to get along with from the beginning and has a great attitude. He approaches my problems and symptoms with a “well, let’s fix it” attitude and makes me feel better without using drugs. He is a true healer, and there isn’t anything “mystical” about his practice; he is down-to-earth and does his job professionally and extremely well.

I visited another acupuncturist for treatment of painful symptoms due to problems with my sciatic nerve. After three weeks, I had seen no results. With a recommendation from a friend in hand, I began seeing Dan. Within two weeks of treatment at Heartpath, the muscles around my nerve had loosened up, and I was pain free. Results are important, and Dan delivers them. I am also extremely satisfied with Dan’s acupuncture services not just because he is very good at what he does, but because he is a genuine and caring individual—he cares more about my health than any schedule he has to keep. Easily accessible, considerate, and delivering results, Dan is the person you want to visit if you are experiencing anything out of the ordinary or just want to promote a healthy lifestyle.

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